If you’re at University…

You normally have to be 21 to become a Freemason, however in order to introduce our principles of Compassion,  Charity and Integrity to a younger generation, students can apply to join our Universities scheme from the age of 18.

The scheme consists of a network of Lodges across the country whose membership consists in part of current Students, Lecturers and Alumni from local universities.  On the completion of their course, University scheme members can transfer their membership to the University Scheme Lodge closest to their home or place of work.

Money can be tight whilst at Uni so another benefit of membership is that Students get a 50% reduction in subscriptions until they reach the age of 25.

Here in East Kent we have 2 University Scheme Lodges, St Augustine Lodge No 972 at Canterbury and Pentangle Lodge No 1174 at Rochester.

If you would Like to know more about joining the university scheme click here.

For further information about the scheme in general see the United Grand Lodge of England Universities’ Scheme website.