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After all, we all need a little help now and then.

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Welcome from the

Head of East Kent

Neil Hamilton Johnstone

“Freemasonry, as well as being steeped in history, also provides interest, enjoyment and a sense of involvement in the modern-day having values including integrity, charity, friendship and respect to all. Our members are justly proud of what Freemasonry achieves within our local communities and anyone thinking of joining us and becoming a Freemason has already taken the first step by reading this web page. The next is to take that interest further, “just ask one” and discover more about how it can provide an unparalleled opportunity to meet with and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. There is so much that Freemasonry offers from exploring its history to pursuing a sporting interest, from making new friends to supporting local good causes and charities. Complete the online form and a member of our Team will provide answers to all the questions you may have.”

Photo of the Provincial Grand Master of East Kent, Neil Hamilton Johnstone.

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Steeped in history, Freemasonry offers so much for so many, from Charity to Friends for Life.

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Our Commitment to You

Being a Freemason has so many benefits, helping you build your future,

(without personal gain or advantage).

We will support you through your Masonic Journey, a journey that is personal and different for everyone.

But one that is always remembered. 

Building for the Future

Improve social skills

Improve your life skills

Improve your confidence

Help Your Community and build a better You

Join a Fantastic Family

When joining Freemasonry, you not only join a lodge, but you join a group that is full of history, great men, and friendship.

Our relaunched Light Blues Brothers, puts you in touch with other masons who have just joined, or not reached the Master’s Chair as yet.

It is all optional and no pressure is put on you, you take your time, take your masonic journey at your pace, put your family and profession first and enjoy what Freemasonry has to offer.


Does your wife or partner want to Join? Across the County we have many lodges just for Ladies, find out more here, by following the link to the United Grand Lodge of England.


Woman Freemasons

Women Freemasons have been meeting across the country for over 100 years.

There are two female-only Grand Lodges: The Order of Women Freemasons and HFAF – Freemasonry for Women. They both follow exactly the same ceremonies and wear the same regalia as male Freemasons, and they often work closely with community and charity projects.

Put some purpose in Your Life!

Help Make a Difference

It might only be a pound in the collection, but every pound or penny helps. Freemasonry is about helping others as much as self-advancement. Helping our local community is very much in our DNA, as is, helping some of the higher-profile charities.

 Whatever you can give, without detriment to yourself or others, will be greatly received. 

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Nearly 6000 Members

We have members from all walks of life, from 18 to 100


180 Lodges across East Kent

I bet you didn’t know we are probably on your doorstep!


1 Purpose

To join together and make a difference, be it to you, me or our community.

For You, For Me, For Everyone!