Following the tragic news of the terrorist attack on Manchester, Freemasons from all over the UK and beyond have responded with a desire to help.

The Province of East Lancashire, in which area the attack took place, will be the focal point for any Masonic giving. It immediately pledged £10,000 and this was matched by their neighbouring Province of West Lancashire.

The Head of East Kent Freemasons, Provincial Grand Master Geoffrey Dearing, on our behalf, has pledged a donation of £2,500. He has also invited all East Kent Freemasons, their lodges and chapters, to consider giving further support to this appeal.

Donations should be forwarded to the Province of East Lancashire in accordance with their letter which can be downloaded by clicking the button below. Once received, East Lancs will direct the funds to the most appropriate causes for those affected.

A letter sent to all East Kent Freemasons from the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Mark Bassant, can also be downloaded.

A spokesman from the Province of East Lancashire said: “We are very humbled to announce that the fund we have opened via our own charity to help those affected by the terrorist attack in Manchester now exceeds £100,990”.

“Whilst expressing our support through the principles of charity, our thoughts and prayers remain with those families affected by this tragedy”.

Photo courtesy of the Province of East Lancashire.