Mark, from Maidstone

Mark, from Maidstone

Had you asked me as a small boy growing up in Kent “What do you know about Freemasonry?”, I would have probably given you a very puzzled look. I did hear or see a few references in film and television shows, but knew very little about he craft.

The mysterious and secretive had always fascinated me and I studied many esoteric things as I grew up. Having learned magic, hypnosis and the mystical Tarot, it was inevitable that I would eventually discover more about Freemasonry.

I had always wondered where to find out about Freemasonry in Kent and hadn’t managed to uncover much at all (this was in the time prior to Google!). One day, out of the blue, a friend casually mentioned something about his Masonic lodge in a conversation.  A few months later I was initiated.

I did duly begin to appreciate the value of Freemasonry over the subsequent years and soon realised that I was gaining far more from the Craft than merely satisfying my curiosity.  My own life was changing in many ways, ways I could never have imagined. Difficult decisions needed to be made and I thus needed good counsel, firm support and the courage to continue moving forward.

I soon realised that Freemasonry gave me all this. These were very difficult times in my life and there was support and guidance in my lodge and chapter to help me through. More importantly I realised how I could find those resources in myself. This for me is the real value of Freemasonry.

Today, I am involved with four separate Masonic lodges, chapters and other Masonic Orders here in Kent. I continue to work to support and promote Freemasonry because it adds so much to my life.

Freemasonry has taught me the value of integrity, persistence and loyalty. More importantly it reminds me of the importance of caring for everyone and supporting your community.