Paul, from Marden

Paul, from Marden

I joined Freemasonry with very little exposure to it previously. My father had been asked about becoming a Mason many years prior, and I think he turned down the opportunity. My wife at the time, had family in the Masons, and they always seemed to be out to social functions and posh events. We had been invited to a few and I was well aware of the fund-raising and type of men who were Masons.

I was more set on two clear points, firstly I was interested in the Knights Templar and Freemasonry was a route into this subject for me. Secondly, I was in need of something to take my mind away from a very definite loss. I had been studying for 8 years solid and suddenly, coming to an end, left a very real void in my life. The esoteric and historical sides of Freemasonry provided me with an opportunity to fill that void.

So after talking to my Father-in-Law, and a long time friend whom I knew to be a Freemason, I enquired about the prospect of joining and what it involved. At great length they both explained what masonry was about and the kinds of things I could get involved in. Neither would explain what I could expect from the ceremony of joining or “initiation”. Apart from a mild annoyance that I could not figure the facts, I felt that since so many people I knew were Freemasons and they had all done this exact same thing, it couldn’t be that bad, so I filled in the paperwork, had my interview and joined Freemasonry in 2004.

I have not looked back since, I can say I have enjoyed my time in Freemasonry, it has been all I hoped for, most especially the Knights Templar. As to that void, what void? I’m busy, happy and a better person for being a Mason, and the best part is, that I get to be involved in massive fund-raising for good causes and to be involved in community projects that make a real difference in people’s lives.

To not be a Freemason is an unthinkable concept to me now. Consider travelling around the country or world, and finding someone who will greet you as an old friend and make you welcome, that is what I am exposed to on a daily basis.