In preparation for watching the New Sky Documentary Inside The Freemasons, you might well come up with some questions that you have always wanted to ask about Freemasonry. Fortunately we have prepared a common set of questions that we are frequently asked, and you can immediately find an explanation of them here. Of course, if you were to watch the documentary you might have those questions answered for you. In brief, we felt it a great idea to list them out for you again.

1. What is Freemasonry?
2. Where and when did Freemasonry start?
3. Are you a Secret Society?
4. So what exactly is a Masonic Secret?”
5. How do you do a secret Masonic Handshake?
6. Is Freemasonry a Religion?
7. Why do some established Churches dislike Freemasonry?
8. What are the Politics of Freemasonry?
9. Why do you roll your trousers up?
10. Why can’t Women become Freemasons?
11. Do Masons favour one another in business dealings?
12. What happens at a Masonic Meeting?
13. Why do you meet in a Temple?
14. Why do Masons wear aprons?
15. Why do Masons call God ‘The Great Architect of the Universe’?
16. Is it expensive to be a Freemason?
17. What are the three Degrees?
18. Can just anyone become a Freemason?
19. How do I go about joining a Lodge?
20. If I do join, what’s in it for me?

We are quite excited about the release of the documentary and are pleased that you will see something of what keeps us involved in what is both a hobby and a lifestyle. The fact that you will find answers to those questions about Freemasonry is good news all round.

We are the Masonic Province of East Kent and we are active within the Eastern side of Kent although, clearly, we have very good connections with other areas and in particular The United Grand Lodge of England. You are more than welcome to enquire about joining Freemasonry here, and we will do our best to introduce you to a lodge suitable to your needs and circumstances. There are lots of what we call “Special Interest Lodges” around the Province; for instance covering Music, Rugby, Cycling or Farming. You name it, we probably have a lodge in the Province that caters for those interests and there are lots of regular lodges where good friends can be found in abundance. Wherever you may end up, we hope you enjoy your Freemasonry and take as much pleasure as we do.

Don’t forget, if you have questions about Freemasonry you will find them over here and if you want to think about joining us then you can fill in the form over on this page.