Three Reasons to Join Freemasonry

With the imminent screening of Inside The Freemasons, you may be considering reasons to join Freemasonry. There are many reasons for joining which may include simply following a friend or family member into the organisation. Here we shall consider three prominent reasons and provide our thoughts on the process.


Increasingly in modern society, we find people have a strong affinity to charity and a desire to give to good causes or even to be involved at some level with local charities. Perhaps this is due to modern reporting, technology and advertising, but the need to give and help our fellow man seems to be very strong. Freemasons are heavily involved in charitable giving. As an organisation we donate at a world level, a countrywide level and a local level. Our members take pride when our organisation responds quickly to world disasters – we are usually one of the first to get monies onto the ground. It is worth pointing out that the money we donate is raised entirely from our own events and pockets. You won’t see us shaking buckets (unless it is assisting local charities, and then only for them).

There are lots of charities across the country running at national level set up by Masons for the benefit of all. One such charity is TLC or Teddies for Loving Care which provides teddy bears for hospitals’ Accident and Emergency Units. When small children are feeling scared and need that little smile, the nurses and staff hand them out on our behalf. If your child has received one in hospital, then there is a good chance it is a TLC bear – more than one million have been given out since the charity started.

We also work at a local level and one of our best ways of doing this is through the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity. This is a great charity supporting our local community by giving larger sums of money on behalf of lodges around the province and putting the money to very good use.

Lodges will usually have charities and other good causes they work with, especially as they are often approached directly for assistance. Examples include scout groups, riding schools for the disabled, air ambulance service and so on. If you have a passion for giving, then you will find a home in Freemasonry. Charity is always close to a Freemason’s heart and one of our main reasons to join Freemasonry.


With the advent of modern technology, you may have seen recent news reports on the growing problem of loneliness. Strangely the modern connected world precludes face to face meeting and this causes many problems for individuals. By joining Freemasonry you gain an immediate group of friends who are interested in you and your well-being.

There is also an extended group through visiting other lodges which will take you out and about to other parts of Kent, country and the world. We don’t just keep to masonic circles; we are inclusive and readily extend our friendship into our communities. Perhaps you have an interest in a sport of some description, which may have a connection with one of our lodges. Don’t be lonely, come out and meet us and see what we have to offer.

Just Moved Home

There are times in life where you moved your family either around the country or the world and you are finding it difficult to make friends within the new community. Have a look locally for the Freemasons, there is sure to be a lodge somewhere local to you, and go and join in. You will gain an immediate set of friends and create a social circle which will last a lifetime. This is a good way to build your friendships and ease yourself and family into the community. You will quickly discover events happening near you together and it will be a great source of advice for questions on the area.

Hopefully, we have explained these three reasons to join Freemasonry and this has sparked an interest in you to consider your next step. If so then please read on and join us.

We are the Masonic Province of East Kent and we are active within the Eastern side of Kent although, clearly, we have very good connections with other areas and in particular The United Grand Lodge of England. You are more than welcome to enquire about joining Freemasonry here, and we will do our best to introduce you to a lodge suitable to your needs and circumstances. There are lots of what we call “Special Interest Lodges” around the Province; for instance covering Music, Rugby, Scouting or Farming. You name it, we probably have a lodge in the Province that caters for those interests and there are lots of regular lodges where good friends can be found in abundance. Wherever you may end up, we hope you enjoy your Freemasonry and take as much pleasure as we do.

If you want to think about joining us then you can fill in the form over on this page.